Corporate Strategy for a Professional Services Group

Our client owns a number of business entities that serve the iGaming and Fintech industries. They needed to align the businesses within their group with a common vision to enable them to optimise the group proposition and work towards shared success and optimising the potential for cross-selling.


30 team days were spent on this project, Our work included internal research tasks to understand and map the Group and its associated business entities.


We conducted collaborative workshops with key stakeholders and customers alongside wider market and competitor research to identify trends.


A series of interviews and skills assessments with the senior leadership team also helped us to identify gaps and opportunities in their organisational design.


Our solution identified a number of key themes that act as ‘sails and anchors’ to the business including identity and communication. We worked together to establish some key values for the business to give them a clear vision and identity and provided a glossary of key terms to unify the language used across the Group.


We examined the organisational structure, tools and processes, revenue streams and where clients were engaged with (or had the potential to be engaged with) multiple group businesses to propose meaningful change. 


Our report clearly identified their ideal customer and target market, including opportunities to cross-sell across the group and how to facilitate this through CRM rationalisation or integration.


We delivered internal memoranda documents to clarify and codify the new proposition, values and associated strategy. These included over 40 Minimum Viable Initiatives (MVI’s) © with Objectives and Key results (OKR’s). The MVI’s gave the client a clear actionable plan with a prioritised timeline to ensure meaningful results.

Aligning businesses

We’ve undertaken a number of projects with Rokker now and the reasons for our ongoing collaboration are clear. Rokker take the time to understand and interrogate the brief. They get under the skin of our businesses and the industries we work in, they care about the people involved and most of all, they go above and beyond the brief and really operate as a true partner in terms of their investment in our success. Each time we engage with Rokker they help us to progress our business in a strategic way through data-driven insight, which gives us the confidence to keep moving forwards.”

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